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If you’ve yearned to follow the footsteps of Jesus through the land of his birth, ministry and resurrection, the Holy Land is more than a travel destination. It’s a spiritual destination. 
With TourMeApp: Israel, you can experience the sites, the history, the culture and the very foundations of your faith – all through personal video tours led by world-class guides. All without the hassle and security issues of international travel. And all in a variety of affordable packages priced from just pennies per day!
Welcome to the Holy Land like you’ve never been able to experience it until now.
Welcome to TourmeApp: Israel.

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Photo of Jesus Christ in the water
Photo of Jesus Christ in the water

A whole new way to experience

the most historic sites on earth!

For 2,000 years, people have come to Israel – often at great expense and hardship – to see, learn and worship where Jesus lived his earthly life. Now TourMeApp: Israel brings the Holy Land to you!
TourMeApp: Israel is the first and only technology that truly transforms the travel experience, bringing the Holy Land to life in stunning 4K . It’s the closest experience to actually being here, with no worries about high costs, security or international travel.

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See far more – and in far more detail – than on a traditional tour!

TourMeApp: Israel leaves no stone unturned in your Holy Land experience. You’ll see every place Jesus walked, touched and taught, every holy site and landmark, and every gorgeous view of the land. You’ll see history come to life at archaeological sites and ancient relics of churches, synagogues and other biblically-significant structures. You’ll even see how some of these sites looked in their days of splendor! And when you consider all the additional content with insights into local people, culture, food and customs, it’s clear that TourMeApp: Israel gives you far more than you would likely experience as part of a traditional tour! Here’s just a sampling of the sites you’ll see with TourMeApp: Israel…

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Here's what you get from TourMeApp


Choose your Own Adventure – Once you download the App, you can choose which tours/area of the country you want to visit on our interactive map or search our itineraries.

Visit and Revisit – Our App allows you to come as frequently as you wish – make each Sunday a day to explore another part of the Holy Land with the family as  the perfect way to bring Sunday School to life!
Live Events – We have many surprises planned for you: Special events and online broadcasts  such as holiday ceremonies, workshops teachings, concerts and more, brought to you in real-time – straight from the Holy Land to your living room!
Shop the Holy Land – Don’t forget souvenirs of your magnificent journey: Explore our online shop with unique holy and exclusive products from the Holy Land: Holy articles, Dead Sea products, religious and non-religious jewelry and hand crafted artisan pieces – with exclusive discounted for TourMeApp subscribers – shipped directly to you!
Cutting Edge Technology – Geolocation powered by Google Maps suggesting gems to visit based on proximity.  Animated features bring the bible to life in hasting your experience

Experience the Holy Land from the comfort of your home.


TourMeApp: Israel takes you to the most sacred and meaningful places in Israel.

The places you read about in the Bible every week and have always dreamed of seeing and exploring.
Join us virtually all over Israel with stunning interactive videos, expert tour guides in several languages, and an exclusive glimpse into places few have seen!

 Experience the Holy Land from the comfort of your home. 
 Customize your visit to suit your deepest desire: Choose your own suggested pre-plan, mix it up with different sites in one day or, simply follow our Award Winning tour itinerary with a daily itemized schedule that tens of thousands have enjoyed for over 3 decades. 
As you make your way through the TourMeApp experience – get personalized suggestions of things to see & do proximately.
 Through the interactive map, you can discover and jump from  site to other, from sea to desert, from mountain to valley.

Meet the heart of TourMeAPP: Israel!

We are a team of guides and entrepreneurs with a deep love of the Holy Land. We have walked every ancient path, sailed along every inch of the Sea of Galilee’s shoreline, introduced thousands of guests to the majesty of Jerusalem and it never gets old. We are still moved to tears every time we see the excitement in our clients’ eyes. Until we meet in person, TourMeApp: Israel is our gift to you.


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After years of managing and marketing our unique tours in Israel... I was realized that millions want to come here and were unable to, so I came up with a vision to bring the Holy Land to them - and TourMeApp was born. I see this not only as a temporary solution to reinvigorate the travel industry - I see this as a mission - to help the millions of people around the world who are unable to physically visit the holy land to experience the Land as if they were here in person.


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ZVI – I have been a tour guide in Israel for over 32 years and my in-depth knowledge and love of the land bring you a fascinating perspective. I am fluent in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and also a bit of Mandarin Chinese. My happiest moments are spent showing this land to people that yearn to see it love it as much as I do! I am also a helicopter and airplane pilot so I can show you Israel from the bird’s eye view…


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Boaz - I have been a professional tour guide and a bible scholar since 1995. I am a direct descendant of the holy tribe of Levi. I was born and raised in Jerusalem, where I spent endless hours roaming the cobblestone paths of the Old City and discovering every hidden pearl. I now live in the Galilee, another spectacular and holy place - where the green fields call to me all the time and whisper the stories of ancient times - which I can’t wait to share with you!

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