Fund the dream & reward yourself

App launching Nov 2021

Crowdfunding Campaign

Fund the dream
& reward yourself

App launching Nov 2021

Crowdfunding Campaign


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You, that have always dreamed about visiting the Holy Land.

We want to make your dreams come true and bring you Israel 🇮🇱to your home!

For years you’ve dreamed of it... Prayed for it... Yearned for it... The Holyland lives in your heart and your soul - and the ultimate wish is to be there: To walk in the footsteps of Jesus in the Old City of Jerusalem To bathe in the holy waters of the Sea of Galilee for a new Baptism To breathe in the air that the disciples took into their lungs as they preached their gospel But somehow - life gets in the way and the dream is always out of reach. What if you could live the magic of the Holy Land in your own home? A tour so real, so tangible that you will feel that you are truly there. Welcome to the Holy Land - Welcome to TourmeApp: Israel.

TourMeApp: Israel, is an ASTOUNDING platform that takes you by the hand - and the heart - and shows you the Holy Land in a way you could NEVER experience before! All the places you've read about, prayed about and dreamed about come to life in a 4K augmented reality experience - As if you were actually here! TourMeApp: Israel - transforms the way we travel - forever. Allow yourself to be amazed as the beauty and bounty of the land come to life on your screen - and the magical stories take on a new dimension - infusing your soul with a newly heightened passion and faith - strengthened and reaffirmed!

TourMeApp: Israel takes you to the most sacred and meaningful places in Israel. The places you read about in the Bible every week and have always dreamed of seeing and exploring. TourMeApp takes you virtually all over Israel with stunning interactive videos, expert tour guides in several languages, and an exclusive glimpse into places few have seen! Experience the Holy Land from the comfort of your home. The best part? No two TourMeApp tours are alike! Customize your visit to suit your deepest wishes: Choose your own schedule, mix it up with different sites in one day (physically impossible in person!) or, simply follow our Award Winning tour itinerary with a daily itemized schedule that tens of thousands have enjoyed for over 3 decades. As you make your way through the TourMeApp experience - get personalized suggestions of things to see & do close by. Through the interactive map you can discover and jump from holy site to holy site, from sea to desert, from mountain to valley.

TourMeApp harnesses the latest technology to bring the scriptures to life. You might have tried
Augmented Reality – it’s an all immersive experience! And we use AR and animations to give
you the feeling of actually interacting with the land as it was – and as it is. All media and videos
are shot in the highest quality available (4K) and at eye level, giving you the feeling that our
camera is you! Our seasoned, charismatic guides, loved by so many pilgrims for so many years,
will take you on a ride you will never forget.


EVERYTHING – Every single nook and cranny of the Holy Land: Every place Jesus walked,
touched and taught, every holy site and landmark, and every gorgeous view of the land.
See history come to life with preserved ruins, archaeological sites, ancient relics of churches,
synagogues and other ritual sites. Even see how some of these sites looked in their days of
Explore nature, sea, landscapes, rivers, mountains, beaches, desert- and even snow! (Yes –
Israel does have snow, and even one ski resort!)
And the most riveting part of Israel – the old intermingling with the new – see “Start up Nation” –
the cutting edge innovation – where everything from cherry tomatoes to Waze to cures for
cancer are emerging.

Some of the things we can see with TourMeApp

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We are a team of guides and entrepreneurs with a deep love of the Holy Land. We have walked every path hundreds of times - and still are moved to tears every time we see the excitement in our clients’ eyes. Until we meet again face to face - TourMeApp is our gift to you:

Zvi Harpaz

COO and content manager
ZVI - I have been a tour guide in Israel for over 32 years and my in-depth knowledge and love of the land bring you a fascinating perspective. I am fluent in Hebrew, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and also a bit of Mandarin Chinese. My happiest moments are spent showing this land to people that yearn to see it love it as much as I do! I am also a helicopter and airplane pilot so I can show you Israel from the bird's eye view...

Boaz Shalgi

Liason to Christian communities and Pastors in North America
Boaz - I have been a professional tour guide and a bible scholar since 1995. I am a direct descendant of the holy tribe of Levi. I was born and raised in Jerusalem, where I spent endless hours roaming the cobblestone paths of the Old City and discovering every hidden pearl. I now live in the Galilee, another spectacular and holy place - where the green fields call to me all the time and whisper the stories of ancient times - which I can’t wait to share with you!

Meyrav Eyal

CEO and founder
Meyrav - After years of managing and marketing our unique tours in Israel - I was heartbroken when the pandemic kept our beloved clients from visiting the Holy Land. I came up with a vision to bring the Holy Land to them - and TourMeApp was born. I have been hands on with the design, content and execution of every detail of TourMeApp. I see this not only as a temporary solution to reinvigorate the travel industry - I see this as a mission - to help the millions of people around the world who are unable to physically visit the holy land to experience the Land as if they were there in person.

“I have never met a better trained Israeli guide than my friend Zvi Harpaz!

Yosef Meir-Founder-

"A dream come true! Taking the 10 day tour of the country of Israel with Zvi Harpaz as a tour guide was amazing.

Abel Zavala - @abelzavalamusic

"I had the opportunity to go to the country of Israel 3 times, and I was guided by Zvi Harpaz.

Heriberto Hermosillo-Minister FAMILIA SEMILLA

English, Spanish, Portuguese with the original audio
Subtitles in: French, Russian, Portuguese, English, Spanish, German. More languages will be available in the future.

From your Smartphone, Tablet and any other Android or iOs device.
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On our Website

Credit Card or PayPal.

The TourMeApp launching will be in November 2021.

Exclusive pricing for CROWDFUNDING pre-sale only!

We’re excited to have you! Be the first customers to experience TourMeApp when we launch with our special deals and bonuses for our Pre Sale campaign for our November 2021 launch. You don’t want to miss these never-again available opportunities! We promise some EXCITING sneak previews and special features as you anxiously await the TourMeApp release. We want to make this a fabulous and affordable experience for you, so we have many options:


A Taste of the Holy Land
30 Days Trial subscription

Get a taste of the Holy Land and all it has to offer with 2 tours over a 30 day period.

2 (for the price of 1) different Holy Land interactive tours of your choice on TourMeApp: Israel


The Holy Land 4 Pillar Tour
Full 1 Month Subscription

For those of you that can’t get enough - the upgraded month with 4 tours over a 30 day period.

Personalized Note placed especially for you in the Western Wall with a picture sent - what will you ask the Lord for?


A Year in the Holy Land
Annual Subscription

Less than 10 cents a day!

Access to all the interactive video content of TourMeApp for a year!

Personalized Note placed especially for you in the Western Wall with a picture sent - what will you ask the Lord for?


A GOLDEN Year in
the Holy Land
Annual Gold Subscription

Access to all the interactive video content of TourMeApp for a year!

Personalized Note on the Western Wall
An olive branch from the Garden of Gethsemane


The Spiritual Awakening Experience
Yearly subscription V.I.P

Access to all the interactive video content of TourMeApp for a year!

Personalized Note on the Western Wall
An olive branch from the Garden of Gethsemane
Hand Carved Olive Wood Ornaments from Bethlehem
A private, personalized 1 hour virtual tour with one of our faithful guides in your language via Zoom or on TourMeApp

The story behind TourMeApp

Making dreams come true – Meyrav’s vision
Last night I publicly revealed to the universe my big dream, a two-year project of thought, research, countless changes and upheavals that created this incredible product.

16 years I am married to a tour guide who speaks 6 languages, 16 years of looking at a profession that at any moment can go through upheavals just because of the situation in the Middle East. When there is work, if he could be divided into ten people, all ten would be working, but as soon as the security situation becomes sensitive, in a second the work stops.
We went through quite a few “security upheavals” together: the Second Lebanon War, Grapes of Wrath, Protective Edge, the wave of Knivings, Cast Lead, Defensive Shield … We all survived, but from each one came the need to generate additional passive income less dependant on the arrival of tourists. How can you continue working in the all-important profession with a tremendous mission if there are no tourists?

Two years ago, a lovely 79-year-old American woman arrived, 2 businessmen paid her a trip and hired Zvika to travel with her in the Holy Land. The 2nd. Morning, just before Zvika left for work, he told me that today he was going to do something that he had never done, accompany her to disperse her late husband’s ashes that she had brought in the bag.
I asked him to ask her if she would allow him to film the ceremony. She agreed and already that night I saw the video…. An elderly lady, very elegantly dressed, carefully took the bag out of the sealed box and began to spread her husband’s ashes on Mount of Olives, while saying: “All these years that you dreamed of reaching the Holy Land and you never had the opportunity, now you will rest here for eternity, in the country that we so wanted to visit”.
I was very moved by the whole ceremony, and that, among other stories made me realize that we live in a piece of land that is important to so many people around the world that dream of coming to the Holy Land but very few actually come. This made me understand that I want to make Israel accessible to all those millions around the world, even virtually…..

So here the journey began, and with much thought I realized that today I have the opportunity to bring Israel / Holy Land to millions of people with the help of technology. I thought, studied and researched for two years, saved money during 2 years to have the money to start, and just as we were ready to start our project, the Corona (COVID-19) began, the work stopped and the ability to continue the project stopped, but on the other hand we understood that today more than ever, we are morally compelled to bring the Holy Land to millions of believers that more so than before feel the urge to strengthen their faith and come here (even virtually) for a religious experience.
Because of the pandemic, the money we saved now keeps us afloat since for the last 9 months we’ve had no income but nevertheless, we decided not to give up the dream and so launched this Pre-Sale campaign to raise funds for the development of the application.

I invite you to join us in helping to fulfill the dream by participating in the crowdfunding campaign, by following and supporting us on social media, by signing up for our newsletter and by helping us spread the word about TourMeApp.

Exciting and interesting live broadcasts, posts and plenty of fun information in general and facts from which you can learn a lot. Amazing 4K and augmented reality tours, that will make you feel you are in the Holy Land!
Let your friends and contacts know about us and all of you can get an awesome unforgettable experience at a really amazing price.
Looking forward to having you onboard with us,
Meyrav Eyal Harpaz

“I have never met a better trained Israeli guide than my friend Zvi Harpaz! Zvi has instructed hundreds of tour groups from around the world and from our Descubre la Biblia ministry. Zvi has been selected to guide great personalities such as presidents of the United States. European royalty, sports and entertainment celebrities, Christian groups such as Hillsong, etc. I highly recommend this project for those who dream of visiting those places, and even those who perhaps have already been and want to have a better knowledge of each place, or perhaps those who want to travel in the future and through their cell phone may have access to all kinds of information about Israel, which will make your trip much more meaningful. For those like us, are students of Discover the Bible, it will be a great tool to complement our studies of the Bible, since it will takes us to the place where everything was written. And finally, what better way to bless with our participation in such an enriching project!”

"A dream come true! Taking the 10 day tour of the country of Israel with Zvi Harpaz as a tour guide was amazing. His excellent work and professionalism made my stay in the Holy Land an experience that I will remember forever. I am sure your experience taking the virtual tour TourMeApp will be a dream come true."

Abel Zavala - @abelzavalamusic

"I had the opportunity to go to the country of Israel 3 times, and I was guided by Zvi Harpaz. Excellent tour guide with more than 30 years of experience. I want to highly recommend his Virtual Tour, it will be unforgettable for you "

Heriberto Hermosillo-Minister FAMILIA SEMILLA